Lucius E. and Elsie C. Burch, Jr. Library

Donations, Appraisals and Other Gifts


The Friends of the Library welcome your donations of books and other library materials on behalf of the Lucius E. and Elsie C. Burch, Jr. Library.  The library may add donated materials that support its mission.  Materials added must fall within the scope of the library's collection development policy. 

Those materials that are not added to the collection may be sold by the Friends to raise funds for library needs. The Friends book sales depend on your donations.

There is now a book drop for your donations! It's located in the foyer to the left of the entry into the library. Just deposit your books into the book drop.

If you need a tax form, they are still available in the Friends Again Bookstore.

For Pick up of book donations, call the book store during operation hours or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you in advance.


The Library staff and Friends group are prohibited by law from appraising gifts for tax deduction purposes. The local phone directory lists appraisers. For specific questions regarding charitable donations, donors should consult the IRS or a tax expert. The IRS Publications 526 (Charitable Contributions) and 561 (Determining the Value of Donated Property) can help answer questions you may have about regulations governing noncash charitable contributions. Donors must fill out IRS Form 8283 (Noncash Charitable Contributions) when filing taxes if they are claiming a deduction of over $500 for all contributed property.

If donors would like a Friends of the Collierville Burch Library Donation form, please ask at the Circulation Desk or Friends Again Bookstore.

Gifts as Honorariums or Memorials

One of the finest ways to celebrate a special occasion, be it a birthday, a milestone, or anniversary, is by making a donation to your public library. Library donations are also lasting and fitting memorials for a deceased friend or loved one. A donation to the library will benefit the community for years to come.

An acknowledgment of your contribution will be mailed to the honoree, or, in the case of memorial donations, to the honoree’s family. A book plate, noting your name and the name of the honoree will be placed in the front of each book purchased with your donation.

If you would like to take advantage of this program, simply click here to complete a form. Please print the form and return it along with your memorial donation to the library.

Other Donations

The Library welcomes the donation of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other works of fine or graphic art. Artwork must be matted, framed, encased or otherwise protected and ready for permanent display.

Acceptance of donated artwork in no way obligates the Library to display the artwork. Preference for the display of artwork will be as follows: those that provide an uplifting, pleasant, and harmonious environment; those created by a current or previous Collierville resident; those by a person with ties to the Collierville community. Determination of the monetary value of each donated artwork will be the donor's responsibility and must accompany the donation.

Should you require a gift form, please ask at the Checkout desk or the Friends Again Bookstore.

How gifts are used within the Library

The Library reserves the right to utilize donated materials in any way that best benefits the collection and services. Gifts may be either added to the collection or donated to the Friends of the Library group.

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