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Back-to-School tips for Tennessee Parents

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Can you believe that summer is almost over? The school year is right around the corner and that means new friends, new teachers and new classes for Tennessee children—and sometimes, a little anxiety for both students and parents. Help the families you serve get their kids ready to succeed. Here are tips for making the transition back to school as easy as possible for Tennessee families:

•Get involved – Taking an active role in a child's education makes a huge difference in their success. Tell parents to talk to their kids about their classes, meet their teachers and get to know other parents.

Switch back to your school schedule – Before the school year starts, parents should ease their children back into their school-year bedtime and start waking them up earlier.

•Prepare a study area – Encourage parents to set up a special, safe place at home for kids to study and complete homework.

•Read together – Parents can get children excited about learning again by reading with them for at least 20 minutes a day. Tell them to head to the Tennessee Electronic Library for inspiration!

We've got five more tips, plus bonus resources, at kidcentraltn.com. Check it out!