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Library Is Huge Part of Andre Crafford's Personal and Professional Life

Andre Crafford 300optRecently, Deanna Britton, the Burch Library's Director asked Library Board members, Friends and Volunteers why they loved the library and why they spend their time supporting it. Andre Crafford has a history with libraries including becoming a librarian herself. Andre's current full-time job is Principal of Crosswind Elementary School in Collierville. She volunteers her time in a myriad of ways including serving on the Collierville Burch Library Board. 

Why do you love the library?

As a young child, I always loved to read. Books were one of my favorite things. As I grew older, I would take many trips to our local library to check out stacks of books and always carried my library card with me. The library was always a great place to visit to check out books, audiobooks, and even puppets. I always looked forward to my mom taking me to the library as a child and as I grew older, visiting the library was a thing I always did. As I attended college to continue my studies to become an educator and a school librarian, the university library became a second home. As an adult, I visited the Collierville Library with my own children for them to check out books and to attend many of the events and programs that were planned throughout the years. I just simply love the library for the many opportunities it provides to so many: books, eBooks, programs, audio and visual materials, and computers. My service as a school librarian in Collierville was one of the most rewarding experiences since I was able to share my love of reading with so many children within the school and promote the use of libraries. I continue to love the library because it has been such a huge part of my personal and professional life.

Why you spend your valuable time to support our work?
I think it is very important that everyone give back to the community in which they live. This is one small way that I can support Collierville. The Collierville Library is an amazing place filled with such dedicated people. As a member of the Library Board, I work closely with the library director and fellow board members to help make decisions that directly impact the library and its patrons. I want the library to continue to provide the quality resources and services to the community and by serving on the Library Board, I can help to ensure that!

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