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News & Events

Eager Young Reader Makes Impression on Library Staff

Five-year-old Barron Russell got his first library card at the Collierville Burch Library over the Christmas holidays, and he was very excited.Barron2 opt

When asked what kind of books he likes best, Barron said he liked alphabet and phonics books, and the Arthur and D.W. series by Marc Brown. It was a book called D.W.’s Library Card that gave Barron the idea to get a card for himself. Barron’s mother, Emily Russell said he told her he only needed to know how to write his name to get a library card.

System Upgrade - Library Catalog Unavailable

The Library's Catalog is being upgraded. It will be unavailable on Monday, January 30th.servermaintenance opt opt We apologize for the inconvenience.


Meet the Author: Rochelle Stevens

Rochelle Stevens, a Two-Time Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist tells the story about her drive to strive past challenges and perceptions to achieve success. A must read for anyone with aspiration to succeed. This memoir touches inspiring athletes, children to young adults & corporate audiences with hope & determination. Meet Rochelle at the Collierville Burch Library to hear her inspiring story on Monday, Feb 6th from 5 - 6 pm.

Rochelle Stevens 450

Book Speed-Dating

Find your next great read--with book speed-dating!Book Speed Dating Flyer opt Join us for snacks, conversation, and a unique method for finding a new book to read. Sample the summary and first few pages of a wide variety of books, rate your "compatibility" with each, and leave with your new favorite book!


Creating Business Financial Strategies

James Whiteman, a Financial Advisor from Shoemaker Financial Advisors, will present a talk on Creating Business Financial Strategies.Creating Business Financial Stategies JPEG 3 opt Come and learn how business owners can identify professional and personal priorities, goals, and objectives on Friday, February 10th at the Collierville Burch Library. Register on the Library's Events Calendar.